We capitalize on understanding our clients, and with insight and foresight to that which they want to achieve and become, we provide uniquely tailored services, products and expert advice.

Company secretariat services, Industrial & Trade compliance management services, Product/Business research & development, Enterprise resources planning & mobilization, Strategy evaluation, development, alignment & management, Project management services, Human Resources management services, Business Tendering & Proposals, Property renting, acquisitions & ownership mergers, Local and Foreign investment portfolio management,

College Training programmes, Organizing Corporate Training, PECB ISO (International Standard) Professional Training, Corporate training needs assessments, Learning materials and training equipment supply, Evaluation, Development & Maintenance of organization dynamic learning systems, Organizing college students practical learning events and corporate experience, Promoting college students Learning & advancement opportunities

MsemaKweli Enterprise Management Applications (MEMApps) with other Business & Technology Integration Consulting Services, which includes business processes automation, business data management, data protection and cyber-security, data-driven business management systems, digital transformation, people-side digital development in digital transformations.